Change leadership and corporate affairs

Native Worx is a boutique consultancy that helps leaders position change and transformation as a healthy and essential part of an organisation’s growth and development. We do this through strategic solutions in change management and corporate affairs.

Your change journey with us begins with an assessment of your business so we understand what your needs are. We then provide you with personalised solutions to meet your business goals.


The Native Worx philosophy is keep it simple, to-the-point and authentic so that people can understand exactly what you are transforming and why. We help leaders position transformation as a healthy and essential part of an organisation’s growth and development


We live in a fast-paced world and attention is limited; this demands for information to be relevant and concise. We create and implement strategies that help everyone get on the same page as quickly as possible.


Most transformation efforts fail because of boring or complicated narratives that people don’t understand; this leads to tune-out and apathy. We’re here to help make your transformation journey engaging and results-driven.
Have you hit a brick wall in your transformation journey? Or perhaps things are going well and you want to maintain momentum with some fresh ideas. Wherever you are in your journey, schedule your 30 mins exploratory call and get to know how we are transforming organisations in Africa. We are also happy to do an obligation free presentation to you and your team to share what we do.
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