About NativeWorx

Native Worx is a boutique consultancy that creates strategic and relevant solutions in change management and organisational re-alignment communication.

Change is an inevitable part of life! Most organisations and individuals resist change; we’re here to help large corporates and medium sized businesses embrace and navigate it.

Communication is the heartbeat of all organisational activities; team leaders must understand communications in various contexts such as employee communication, storytelling and organisational re-structuring to name a few. Without a solid communications strategy nothing moves.

We do this through combining our subject matter knowledge with project management skills to create a practical and integrated plan to bring your strategy to life. Communication forms a fundamental part of what we do in change management and we ensure that it is impactful through stakeholder management, story development and positioning, employee engagement and editorial services.

The consultancy is registered as a private company in South Africa. Black Ownership – 100%, Black Women Ownership – 100%, BEE Status – Level 1.

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