“Without change there is no growth”
Maiyo Febi

Maiyo Febi is a well-rounded corporate affairs professional with over 18 years experience in the industry. Before starting Native Worx, she held various strategic corporate affairs roles overseeing several markets across Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Her education begun in Wales, United Kingdom where she obtained G.C.S.E’s in English, English literature and French among others.  She holds a NDip in Public Relations Management, a BA degree in Communication Science and a BA Honours degree in Media Studies, all from University of South Africa (UNISA).

She’s an avid book reader and enjoys anything from academic organisational communication to African literature. Writing comes naturally and she is a regular contributor to various industry publications. She is also an accredited ChangeCreator leadership coach, transformational speaker and facilitator. Maiyo is currently studying Accelerated Coach Training through the Transformational Leadership Institute and is a member of the CEO-Global Roundtables.

Visit  www.maiyofebi.com for more