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Your change journey with us begins with an assessment of your business so we understand exactly what your needs are.


Change at any level should be well thought out and timeously delivered to increase the chances of success.

We offer integrated change management services in the following areas:

  • Change Readiness and Impact

We conduct impact analyses, assess change readiness, mitigate risks and identify key stakeholders.

Interventions are custom made to help increase the ability of the organisation to assimilate and sustain change. This leads to minimal disruption to the organisation during and after the process.

  • Leadership Alignment

For successful change to occur, leadership must adopt a common vision and interlinked business objectives for clarity throughout the organisation.

We apply a change management model to suit your vision and use tools to increase collaboration and create a strategy that supports adoption of the changes.

  • Training Efforts

Training is a core aspect of change management as it ensures the continuity of work and high performance with minimal disruptions on day-to-day business.

We provide input, document requirements and support the design and delivery of training programmes. We also consult and coach project teams to create actionable deliverables.


Communication that inspires!

We help management inspire all affected parties for sustained excitement and drive to decrease the resistance and increase the acceptance of change.

We support the design, development, delivery and management of communications to increase buy-in and inclusion from across the business to ensure a common destination for head-office and satellite offices.


Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder mapping is utilised to identify stakeholders with power/influence/authority to lead and visibly support change initiatives. Impacted stakeholders are also identified and the relevant engagement activities are strategized to ensure clarity to stakeholders and continuous communication.


Story Development and Positioning

People form emotional connections through stories. We develop an authentic story aligned to your change management strategy, goals, and values. We also develop core-messages that are communicated in a way that resonates with the targeted audience; our aim is help position you favourably to everyone that is affected by the change.

Editorial Services

  • Copywriting & editing
    We write right. Our skills are broad and we write various texts including, articles, speeches, profiles, press releases and Q&As to name a few.
  • Graphic design
    We offer design work for mesmerizing brochures, posters, invitations and general creative design.
  • Newsletters
    We create digital newsletters through sourcing of content, copy writing, design and layout.

Employee Communications

  • Employee engagement
    We help you create a workplace approach that results in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give their best each day by building a strong sense of self-accountability and accountability to others.
  • Internal communications
    Communication methods are created and content is generated for effective employee communications to take place.
  • Internal communications research
    We assess the effectiveness of your current communication channels through qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
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